Astrid Wermelinger

Pilates Instructor, Medical Masseuse and Myofascial Trainer

Bettina Pörtig

Business economist, coach, acupressure therapist, analysis specialist for people and systems.

Bianca Sissing

Yoga teacher, certified psychologist, Reiki teacher, Thai Yoga masseuse and spiritual teacher

Christine Kloess

Personal development & holistic leadership, author.

Christoph Stelzhammer

Top job agent, podcaster, coach and trainer

Daniela Maiwald

Hand analyst, author, founder of the “Academy for Psychological Hand Analysis”

Dennis W. Elkins

Shadow work specialist, hypnotherapist, energy healer, tarot reader, and awareness teacher

Edna Schur

Expert Functional Medicine, TCM and Epigenetics

Eva-Maria Boerschlein

Graduate psychologist Univ. and certified mindfulness teacher

Frank Hesse

Male yoga teacher, artist, father of three children

Inés Kelly

Healer, writer and moon astrologer

Jil Bianca Furter

Hatha Yoga Teacher, Designer and Artist

Katia Corino

Nature ambassador, herbalist, registered Bach flower consultant and aroma and crystal expert.

Kelly Fletcher

Founder of Body Compassion, Nutritional Psychologist and Burlesque queen

Leyla Salvadé

Founder of Standing Light, certified Resilience Coach, certified Holistic Health Coach and Mindfulness and Meditation Trainer

Marion Bernegger

Kundalini Yoga teacher, certified painting therapist, mother and chicken specialist

Matt Taylor

Mindfulness coach, karmic and kabalistic astrologer and meditation teacher

Mirco Heierli

Medical training therapist, medical masseur and yoga teacher and lecturer

Moja Buholzer

Mathematician, coach, trainer, team developer and change companion

Nadya Thomassin

Pre- & Postnatal Yoga Teacher, certified Craniosacral Therapist and Sat Nam Rasayan Healer

Nicole Ercolani

Trauma therapist, kundalini yoga teacher and artist

Rene "Wini" Winiger

Yoga teacher , Thai yoga masseur , board sports fanatic and father of two boys

Scott Braunschweig

Boating instructor, ski & snowboard crack and breath meditation teacher

Susan Henkler

Feng Shui and interior design consultant and human design expert

Svitlana Danilova

Artist, Kundalini Yoga Teacher and Sat Nam Rasayan Healer