Christoph Stelzhammer

What are my strengths for my next professional step? How do I find the person who will ideally complement my team? The questions sound simple – and the answers can be just as simple! This requires a reputable human resources professional who promotes positivity and brings people into lasting contact with companies. He himself calls this “refined communication”.

His method, which was developed exclusively for his customers, incorporates his experience as a manager in the areas of human resources, strategic marketing and sales, as well as his knowledge of physiognomy and psychological hand analysis.

If you know your strengths, you can appear more confident. That's why he continues to develop these personal strengths together with his customers. Of course, he is also there to help you find the right position. He offers appropriate training to prepare for job interviews - and passes on his method so that customers can recognize the strengths of others.

Companies that work with him can expect to fill an open position with the right personality. It also prepares you for the new company so that people and the company can quickly find each other and results can grow from there.

His interview training for companies is also based on his method and helps to increase the accuracy of personnel selection. The method can also be used in sales, because those who can specifically address the strengths of their counterparts have more fun - and more success.

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